Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

Today in this world people do a lot to live a happy life with good health and glowing skin. Raw honey is the best natural remedy which helps your skin to look beautiful and keeps your body fit and fine. Honey contains antioxidants that really work to fight with your all bacterial, aging, acne and other skin problems.

Vitamins, minerals, calcium, zinc, phosphorus ingredients of raw honey boost energy. If you add honey to your meals daily it will decrease body cholesterol and sugar level also it will help to prevent serious diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and cancer.

Raw Honey Treatments

By adding raw honey with daily meals gives expected results. Honey can be simply used daily at your home with your warm tea, oatmeal, plain yogurt, natural oils, and arm. Like that here are some simple home based honey tips for getting a healthy and soothing skin .

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1.  Raw Honey Mask

Apply a thin layer of honey as a mask and damp your skin for 30 minutes rinse it with warm water and get a soft, glowing and radiant skin. For less stressed skin honey mask can be also used at night.

2. Honey Bath

Use 2 cups of honey with bliss body soak or 1 cup of arm and hammer baking soda for 15 minutes to remove dead cells from your body. Add ΒΌ cup of honey with a 1-2 cup of milk for 20 minutes repeat it for 2 or 3 times week really works to calm heal burns, chronic and other wounds.

Also, it will soften chapped lips and treats to dry skin. Aloe Vera and honey contains anti-inflammatories that are effective for burned skin and aid recovery.

3. Spot Treatment

To cure a breakout honey with zapping pesky zits is a powerful option and for additional cleansing honey with tea tree oil and lavender oil provides a good result.

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Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

Destroys cancer cells

Enriched with anti-cancer properties like phenolic compounds, proliferative properties, anti-inflammatory activity high immune system honey prevents cancer and destroys cancer cells.

Decreases cholesterol

A daily intake of 70 g of honey decreases cholesterol level up to 3% to 8%. Honey reduces bad cholesterol oxidation in blood, regulates cholesterol levels, prevents heart ailments and keeps your heart healthy and fit.

Good for diabetic, high blood pressure patients

Honey elevates insulin levels, reduces blood sugar and fasting serum, increase fasting c-peptide, cures blood lipids of the diabetic patient. A diabetic patient can add honey with tea, oatmeal, plain yogurt, anti-drugs which is more beneficial for his/her health.

As energy healing agent honey is an attractive tool to use against high blood pressure, allergies and toothache. Honey also increases nail health and treat toenail fungus.

Good for digestive system

Containing Methylglyoxal (antibacterial agent) honey improves good digestive track by treating gastric issues, fight free radicals and relieve acid reflux, kills streptococcus bacterium.

Boost body energy

Honey is very effective in boosting body energy, relieving anxiety and treats insomnia. Honey with a hot drink or tea at bed time is very helpful to keep glycogen level full promotes sound sleep and also reduce body weight.

Cure cough

Warm lemon water with honey carrying enzymes, proteins, minerals, amino-acids that soothes mucus membrane in airways and cures cough, cold, congestion of throat, dehydration, wheezes asthma in a period of 2 days.

Good for reproductive system

Testicular damage as an outcome of cigarette smoking can be decreased and resultant oxidative stress can also be defeated by taking honey.

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Prevent hair loss and dandruff

Formula of mixing 2 tablespoon full of honey with warm olive oil and white egg for 15 minutes develops hair growth, strengthens your hair and prevents hair loss.

Mixture of 1 tablespoon full of honey and 3 tablespoonful of filtered water include glucose oxidase releases hydrogen peroxide that darkens your hair color.

Apply a ratio of 9:1 of water with honey leave it for 3 hours and repeat it once in a week is an effective remedy to remove dandruff from your scalp.

Raw honey for weight loss

Another benefit of raw honey helps to reduce weight in your body.

Other benefits

Honey with lemon juice or 1 tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar before bed treats nausea and prevent vomiting.

Having anti-intoxication ingredients honey both metabolizes and burn off the alcohol in human body.

Final word

Live a healthy life, say goodbye to harm, painful, unbearable and fatal diseases, get gorgeous and marvelous skin by using honey. Also add honet to your daily food meals and see wonderful results which you deserve.

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