Top 10 Home Remedies to Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem and a lot of people suffer from it. Bad breath in the morning is most common. Almost everyone has bad breath in the morning. It causes embarrassment and decreases our confidence.

There are a lot of reasons for bad breath but the most common is poor oral hygiene. Food trapped in teeth, bacteria build up lead to bad smell. You might say that you clean your teeth daily so where is the bad breath coming from? Well, most probably from your tongue. Do you clean your tongue too?

I said oral hygiene that includes your teeth, gums, tongues and everything in the oral cavity. Other reasons for bad breath could be smoking, disease, drinking alcohol, strongly flavored foods like onion, medications, etc.

Do not worry bad breath can be easily treated at home with some powerful home remedies. You also need to make some changes to your lifestyle to improve your breath. If you see blood from your gums or other medical problems then it is better to see a dentist as soon as possible.

These are some very effective home remedies to get rid of bad breath.

How to get rid of mouth odor with home remedies

1. Hydrate

Keeping your mouth hydrated is one way to stop bad breath. Keep on drinking water throughout the day this will decrease the bad breath.

Keep a bottle of water at your work desk and keep taking sips in between. This will ensure you get enough of daily water requirement and will also keep your mouth clean and hence reducing the bad breath.

2. Black tea or herbal tea

Drink 2-3 cups of herbal tea or black tea daily. Herbal tea has a lot of benefits one of them is that it is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants fights germs and microbes in our body and keeps our body healthy and in this case your mouth too.

It will kill the bacteria which are causing bad breath, keep your mouth hydrated and will improve your breath.

3. Chew Parsley or cilantro

These natural herbs are really effective in neutralizing mouth odors. Take some fresh leaves of parsley or cilantro and chew them in the morning.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is said to have good bacteria which actually improves your mouth health and breath. Take a spoonful of yogurt and swish it around your mouth. Enjoy it slowly and thus you will get rid of bad breath. Kefir works too.

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5. Mouth Wash

You can use mouth wash to freshen your breath. You can purchase mouth wash from a drug store or online. A good mouth wash kills bad bacteria and leaves a minty smell in your mouth which makes your breath fresh.

Try to purchase a mouth wash which does not contain alcohol or very less amount of it because alcohol may dehydrate your mouth thus making the problem worse.

6. Eat more carbs

Those who want to lose weight start taking low carb diet and more of vegetables, fruits and these things. While it will help you in losing weight a low carb diet might cause bad breath in mouth.

So, don’t just skip carbs in your daily diet. Include balanced amount of carbs to keep yourself healthy and get rid of bad breath.

7. Eat citrus fruits

The citric acid present in these fruits stimulate our salivary glands and fight the bad bacteria. Eat some lemon or orange to get rid of bad breath.

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8. To get rid of bad breath in the morning

If you do not suffer from bad breath in day time but hate it in the morning then this one is for you. The bad breath is because of the food particles stuck in your teeth and gums from last night. So, you should brush before going to sleep and do not eating anything about 2-3 hours before you sleep.

Do, this and you will get rid of bad breath in the morning.

9. Fennel

Fennel is also effective in improving breath. A very popular home remedy to get rid of bad breath.

Take a few sprigs of fennel and eat it after meals. This trick will keep your mouth fresh and keep bad breath at a bay.

10. Chew Gum

Gums increase the saliva production of our mouth. So, chewing gum will keep your mouth hydrated and wash away the bad breath causing bacteria. Try chewing sugarless gums because sugar is no good.

Other tricks to get rid of bad breath are : if you wear dentures then remove then before going to sleep and keep them clean. Decrease consumption of alcohol and try to quit smoking. Clean your tongue thoroughly. Brush your teeth twice a day. Rinse your mouth after meals or after eating anything to remove the food particles stuck in your mouth.

Final Word

I hope my article on how to get rid of bad breath will help you. If the problem persists and nothing works then do visit your dentist.

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