Homemade Tips To Get Fair And Glowing Skin Easily

If you have a bright and glowing skin which shows that you maintain yourself the natural way, people would praise you no end for it. It has been rightly said that for a woman, fair and beautiful skin is the actual embellishment. So, here are some home-made tips for getting white and bright skin.

Many ladies spend a lot of money getting expensive facials done at the parlors to make them look becoming. But try one of these homemade remedies for proper skin care and you will never wish to visit a parlor again.

Here Are 4 Tips To Get Fair And Glowing Skin At Home

1. Skin treatment with almonds

If you wish for a brighter and healthy looking skin, opt for the overnight soaked almonds. The almonds have an abundant supply of Vitamin E. It will protect you from the dark and tanning effect of the sun. Once the almonds have been wet in water all night, they are softened. Now a paste has to be made from them and blended with raw milk.

Apply it on your face and massage for twenty minutes. Then rinse it out. Almond and milk skin paste will make your skin bright, young and strong.

2. Natural cleanser for face and skin

You can even get a natural cleanser for face and skin to have a fair countenance. A kind of pasty gum is made from blending together lemon juice, milk and glycerine. Now, apply this pasty mixture to your face, rub gently, keep for half an hour and then wash off. It is the  most appropriate way to clean out your face and moisturize your complexion, during the chilly, winter months.

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3. Moisturizing effects

If you want to see exemplary results on your face and skin, instead of using your regular moisture, opt for a natural one. Rose water, glycerine and lemon juice are blended in equal quantities to make a natural moisturizing cleanser.

Keep this wonderful natural cleanser as a moisturizing agent on your face overnight and wash it out in the morning. This is the best kind of cure for dry and parched skin for feeling vibrant and youthful.

4. Cucumber facial pack

The cucumbers are the best sources of  astringent properties which hydrate plus nourish the skin.  You can  slice a fresh cucumber into slices or pieces and apply them over your face. Keep this cucumber facial mask  on overnight and rinse out your face in the morning with warm water.

Another effect home remedy for freshly glowing skin is to squeeze out fresh lemon and grate the cucumbers for freshly grated juice. Mix both these lemon and cucumber juices in equal proportions. Apply this juicy mixture to your skin, wait till totally absorbed dry and then wash it off completely.


These are some of the homemade tips  to get fair and glowing skin. Cut down on the parlor visits and apply some of these natural therapies. In addition to making your skin look vibrantly youthful, they will also do you a world of good.

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