How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Safe and Effective Way

Maintaining a fit body has emerged as a mammoth challenge among all of us these days due to our unhealthy lifestyle and hectic work schedule. It has become impossible for most of us to hit the gym on a regular basis. Consequently, the calories are not burnt in the lack of workout and accumulate as fat in our body.

Though all of us can’t get the physique like ‘Greek God’ accommodating some easy & healthy tips in our daily routine can help us maintain a well-toned and healthy body.

Often, the articles titled as How to lose weight fast grab our eyeballs instantly and we start adopting the tips mentioned blindly, without analyzing how health-friendly these tips are.It’s good to lose weight fast, but losing health simultaneously is the last thing you want to pay for a lean body.

Thereby, we should always analyze the aftereffects before following the fastest way to lose belly fat. Even after the easy availability of surgeries and rigorous workout sessions in the gym, still, the best way to lose weight fast is to say ‘hello’ to healthy eating habits.

Modify Diet for Weight Loss          

Don’t even think of skipping any of your meals to reduce weight. It is unhealthy as well as doesn’t help you shed off even a single extra pound of fat. In fact, small and frequent meals keep you away from the severe hunger and a small meal keeps your metabolism active.

Breakfast cereal and seasonal fruits are the best way to give your morning an energetic start. If you are fond of the non-vegetarian food, then you can add the boiled eggs in your first meal; of course, not the egg yolk.

Phew, you just hate the taste of vegetables! No worries! Ask your mom to prepare stew, sauces, and soups. Wow! I have suggested you the most scrumptious way to include vegetables in your daily lunch.

Having light roasted snacks at 4 pm with a sugarless beverage is good enough to keep your active until the dinner. You should avoid such food in the dinner that contains less refined carbs. And obviously, a big NO to fat!

Drink As Much As You Can

Don’t get me wrong here. I am talking about pure drinking water only. Try to drink plenty of water every day. It is a true claim that drinking water can help you in your mission to lose belly fat.

Not me, it’s a study that says that the water can enhance the functioning of metabolism by 25-30% for 60- 90 minutes, hence burning your calories in an effectual way.

Even the dietician recommend drinking a half liter of water 30 minutes prior to lunch which helps you in controlling the intake of calories and losing around 40% weight.

Say ‘Bye Forever’ to Unhealthy Food

Are you a junk food lover? Don’t tell me ‘yes’. Even a single bite of burger or pizza can destroy the strict diet regime you had been following for the past 10 days.

If you really want to lose weight fast without exercise then you’ll have to kill the craving for your taste buds for junk food in the level 1 only.

Forget those cheesy pizzas and the bunny burgers filled with mayonnaise. I know it’s quite tough, but trust me, you feel more life inside you without junk or any other unhealthy food.

Raw Vegan Diet Can Help  

Vegan diet strictly disowns all the food products of animal origins. Even the food cooked at the above 48 °C temperature fails to be the part of the vegan food. So, now you must be thinking what this diet includes then.

Raw vegetables, fruits, grains, plant oils, nuts & nut pastes, herbs, fresh juices, mushrooms, etc. are there for the survival of vegans on this earth. Try to be a vegan for at least thrice a week and explore the fastest way to lose weight.

‘Go Lean’ With Green Tea

Enriched with antioxidants, green tea is the healthiest beverage to include in your diet if you are seriously looking to get rid of those fatty tires on your belly. It is enriched with the most effective antioxidants called catechins and a little amount of caffeine, which together work in sync to reduce your extra body weight effectually.

Most Of the benefits to losing weight with green tea, it is necessary to drink regularly.

Green tea is infused in hot water (80 ° C) for 2 to 3 minutes. You should drink between 4 to 8 cups for optimal effects during your diet to slim down and lose abdominal fat

Sleep Soundly Without Stress

Don’t take your office stress back to your home. Lock all your stress in your office shelf and come home with a killer smile. A sound sleeping session of at least 6-8 hours is as essential as backbiting of your boss in the office.

Make sure to confirm your bed is comfortable enough to embrace you gently for 6-8 hours without even the minor stress.

Try Avocados For Lose Weight Fast

If you like the taste of avocados then it’s great and if you don’t then start loving it. This small fruit has the big benefits to reduce weight rapidly.

According to the standard nutritional value, 1-ounce avocados carry just 50 calories; hence, it is an ideal food to incorporate in your calorie-conscious diet. Isn’t it!

Chewing is a Good Exercise While Eating                              

Thankfully, the great almighty has blessed all of us with a set of 32 teeth. So, use your jaws and chew the food while eating as much as you can.

It will not only help in digesting the food properly but also let your tongue enjoy the yummy taste of the meal thoroughly.

Protein Powder is Not a Bad Idea

Gulping the protein shake twice in a day also fuels your body with the appropriate quantity of the protein your muscle tissues need to be stronger. Make sure to mix the protein powder in plain water or double toned milk.

Don’t try any protein powder just because it is easily available in the market. Use only the certified protein powder formulated by a prestigious brand.


Finally, it’s time to say a word to live your life without stress with a healthy & effective way. follow this diet plan even for a month and experience the difference with no side effects.

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