Lemon Benefits For Skin

Lemon for skin

Lemon has lots of benefits for our skin and hair. Also it can help us in getting better skin and in turn making ourselves well looking and beautiful. Some amazing uses of lemon for skin care and hair are listed below

Lemon as a Skin Brightener:

Lemons contain vitamin c and citric acid which make our skin brighter. Vitamin c is considered to be an amazing anti oxidant which proved helpful for lightening ages spot, dark spot, or tan. Lemon juice can make our skin sensitive towards uv rays. Lemon helps in reducing excessive oil of our skin. Thus, lemon also acts as shine eliminator.

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Lemon for Blackhead treatment:

Lemons possesses antibacterial property which prove helpful for treating acne , lemon juice when squeezed on our face is helpful for diminishing black head , on our skin within short time. Thus lemon acts as a strong and powerful remedy for treating blackheads.

Lemon as natural moisturizer:

Lemon also acts as natural moisturizer when mixed with the natural oil for keeping our skin soft. Add lemon juice with few drops of coconut oil. Coconut oil is helpful for hydration of our skin and lemon proved helpful for brightening our skin by giving it a clear glow.

Lemon as a Hair lightener:

Our hair color becomes fade when exposed to sunlight. Lemon juice is helpful for preventing our hair against tangles and dry scalp. Lemon juice when applied on our hair prevents it from becoming fade.

Lip exfoliator

It is yet another example for lemon as a skin care product. Lemon juice is helpful for removing dead cells of our skin. For exfoliating our lips, apply lemon juice on lips before bed time then wash it next morning. We should not try lemon when our lips are chapped and have any cuts.

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Lemon as an Anti – aging mask:

Lemon juice makes an amazing anti-aging mask. Make a mixture of lemon juice with honey and almond oil. Apply it on your face then wash it after 15 or 20 minutes. At the same time add lemon juice and glycerin to a glass containing hot milk, make it spread over the face and leave it on your skin for full night.

Wash it next morning. You will experience the difference. Thus, lemon juice proved helpful for reducing fine lines near our eyes and removing wrinkles.

Lemon as a Nail strengthener:

Make a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. If your nails are bright and brittle soak them in the mixture to of lemon juice and olive oil to make your nails soft and strengthen. This mixture when done regularly proved helpful for fixing stained nails

Cleansing wipes:

Add drops of lemon and tea tree oil with distilled water and apply this mixture on your skin with the cotton pad; it will help for cleaning your skin deeply.

Elbow and knee bleaching

Natural bleaching agent is one of the example of lemon as a skin care product. Skin on our elbows and knees appears much darker than any other body parts. Slice of lemon fruit when rubbed on the knees and elbows proves helpful for improving their appearance.

Lemon for whitening teeth

There are several factors which can cause staining of our teeth. Mixture of baking soda with lemon juice can prevent our teeth from staining and are helpful for making them whiter.

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Side effects of using excessive lemon

In spite of having so many benefits of lemon for skin care and beauty, lemons can prove harmful sometimes if used in excessive amount. Given below are some side effects of using excessive lemon.

Effects of using excessive lemon on skin

Since we can use lemon for skin care and beauty but when used in excessive amount for pimples it can cause pimple to bleed. The acidic nature of lemon can sting on our pimples and lead those to bleed. Astringent property of lemon can lighten our skin tone as well.

Increases dark spot

People with dark skin should avoid using excessive lemon as it can increase dark spots. In order to curb these side effects of lemon on face you should use diluted lemon.

Decay of tooth enamel

Over dosage of lemon can result in tooth decay. It is one of the major side effects of using excessive lemon. Tooth enamel has a pH around 5.5 which can be eroded by more acidic substances. Recent studies have shown that tooth decay is caused by any acid having pH below than 4.

Can worsen canker sores

Canker sore means (little open source inside the mouth) which are caused due to an allergic reaction. People who are allergic to acidic foods like lemon juice have a good chance of getting canker sores.

Can cause nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach

Lemon juice contains vitamin c which is an essential nutrient. Excessive consumption of vitamin C can lead to dangerous health hazards like nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach.

Can worsen heartburn, GERD and ulcers

Over drinking of lemon juice can irritate the lining of stomach and esophagus which bring a bout of heartburn or acidic reflux.

Summing up: 

We can get amazing benefits from lemon for our skin and hair. Lemon can without any doubt be used as a natural skin care and beauty product. However excessive use of lemon is never recommended. Excessive use of lemon can have adverse effects on your health in general and skin in particular rather than using lemon for skin care and beauty.

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