Healthy tips and tricks to make your teeth white

Having healthy white teeth is more than just an aesthetic choice nowadays, it’s more of a necessity. And this is why so many articles about teeth whitening have appeared. The problem is… how do you know which is for real and which is not?

Well, I talked to my dentist and I got a list of to-dos & don’ts and also a recipe that I can use at home. Of course, I followed the advice and now I’m back with the results.

First of all, in order to for any whitening treatment to work (homemade or professional) you need to have all your cavity-problems solved. Also, a deep cleaning is necessary, in order to get rid of all the plaque from your teeth. If you don’t, that part that has a plaque on it will remain yellow-ish, because whitening treatments don’t have any effect on plaque.

Now, you’ve probably seen lots of DIY treatments with lemon and baking soda. Well, let me tell you that even if baking soda isn’t a bad ingredient (unless you’re overusing it), lemon is way too acid for you enamel and it does more harm because it makes it get thinner.

While this might work (visually!) for some people, remember that the inner part of your tooth is usually yellow, and if your enamel is thin by nature, this treatment will have the opposite result. Not what you’re looking for, right?

What you actually need is something that is quite soft and is prone to wash out the stains (trust me, 2 yellow stains gone have a huge impact on how your teeth look). For that, the recipe is simple: mix baking soda with your normal toothpaste and wash gently all your teeth. It is very important that you use a soft brush.

You might feel that will not help much (because it isn’t as abrasive as a scrub) but the long term results are better. Also, gentle brushing helps you stay away from gum recession, so yay!

Use this recipe once per week until you see all your yellow stains are gone. If you feel any kind of sensitivity, don’t push it though.

Another tip, that you might not be expecting is to not over-exaggerate with brushing. If you feel your teeth aren’t clean after a meal (and you already brushed twice and plan on doing it at least once) STOP! Eat a green apple (it also helps with bad breath) or some strawberries if you have. This fruits also help with teeth whitening so, if they’re in season and you’re not allergic, give it a go.

I know that what I told you won’t give perfect Hollywood teeth in 10 minutes, but, unless you’re going for a professional treatment, nothing will and it is always better to go slow, but reach awesome results in time, than to hurt your teeth now for the sake of 1 hour perfect smile.

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